Singer and song writer, Chen Levy, has released her debut album this year, on which she collaborated with bass player and music producer Avri Borochov.

"Someone once told me that a debut album is a life-long journey" says Levy, "and I truly feel this album tells my journey. This album was created with Avri Borochov, who is a dear friend to begin with, and I received musical advice from one of my most appreciated musicians, my older brother - Adir Levy. I feel lucky to be among such musicians and to make music with them. I do not take this for granted".

Her album features some of the prominent musicians of the Jazz and Indie scene in Israel, such as Aviv Cohen (Marina Maximillian, Layers), Omer Klein, Shachar Elnatan, Hod Moshonov (A-Wa) and Dan Mayo (Tatran).

Levy's debut, a version of Kate Bush meets Din Din Aviv, is a journey tale of a girl who grew up in the warm and safe city of Eilat, moved to the cold Jerusalem to attend school and ended up at the nonstop city of Tel Aviv.

The album incorporates Middle Eastern influences from her childhood ("Mom used to play Margalit Tzan'ani and I loved to sing her songs as a child"), drenched in Jazz harmonies from her days as a Jazz music student ("listening to Ella Fitzgerald, I though it could not get any better than this"), wrapped as an Indie-Pop production which reminds one of Bjork and Tori Amos ("I wanted this album to sound fresh and live, and we ended up combining modern sound, on the verge of electronic, with a warm intimate familiar sound").

Levy performed together with top artists such as Berry Sakharof in a unique symphonic concert conducted by Dr. Michael Wolpe, Harel Skaat in Desert Sounds festival, percussionist Chen Zimbalista in a world-wide tour, Haifa and Holon Big Band Orchestras conducted by Gury Agmon and many more.

Chen was born in Eilat, a middle child between her brother, a musician, and her younger sister. Her unique voice, which brings together gentle Middle Eastern melismas with the softness of Jazz music, was cultivated over the years: "since childhood, my older brother ask me to try out his tunes, and got me to sing with him in the local teenage-band. I sang in town events and at school, but never took it seriously, and never actually took music lessons".

After her military service she decided to apply to Jazz Music studies at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, where she grew tremendously as a musician.

"My time at Jerusalem and the Academy was a magical time for me, with many accomplishments: winning first place in the singers contest, receiving a schollarship from Berklee College of Music, and performing at Desert Sounds festival with the Israel Sinfonietta Beer Sheva conducted by Karin Ben Yosef".

After a successful crowdfunding campaign, Chen Levy is recording her second album while performing with Jazz ensembles all around Israel, managing the vocal jazz program at Rimon School of Music and hosting a show on Radio Kol Ramat HaSharon.